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This week we have a slight detour in our podcasting scheduling. I originally intended this show to go out last Wednesday but the original audio had way too much echo so we ended up re-recording in the recording studio environment at Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol.

The podcast this week is in two parts. Deliberately.

The first part is with Cliff Perry of Red Hat, the guy managing the developers and timeline for Red Hat Satellite and the Spacewalk community project. He holds the record for the most popular ever podcast ever published in my podcast catalogue. Over 7000+ people downloaded the show we recorded in 2012 talking about Satellite so we're bringing it up to date with a new show with 5.6 release around the corner and the engineering roadmap to 6.0 already ramped up.

This is where we then diverge. I've already said that we recorded this in a studio for once, not in a motorway service station or rented office space or on the run as is the norm. The studio was kindly lent to us by one of the UK's most creative and diverse environments located in an area of massive social deprivation in Bristol. At the centre, Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol this week was Young Rewired State, one of thirty five venues across the United Kingdom taking part in the global programme that has already this year taken in so many territories worldwide. I encourage you to visit their website and to read more about what it is they accomplish working with young people all over the world. In Bristol this week like so many other locations across the country children and teenagers got together, ninety percent of them without having ANY programming capability or exposure to learn to use open source and open data to build market ready applications for mobile devices and online portals in a five day window. Working together with mentors in groups made up of people they had never met they were exposed to Python, Java, HTML, CSS, MySQL etc etc. I visited Tuesday to record our initial failed recording and then again for the day on Thursday and in between decided with Cliff that this was something Red Hat should be involved with supporting. Google and Facebook already amongst the sponsors and supporters.

Our support is different in that we can provide something that they can't. Targeted listening and awareness of the initiative and also the ongoing program globally. My shows are listened to in approaching thirty nine countries worldwide and syndicated across multiple platforms and clients so if we can get the word out not just in the form of us talking, but also the kids themselves.

So Friday we re-recorded the Red Hat Cloud podcast for CloudEvangelist which you can download below but also after Cliff and I discussed stuff we recorded a second show.

Part two of the podcast is interviewing one of the leaders at Knowle West Media Centre, Hannah, and then four of the young people coding and building these apps and experiencing Young Rewired State, Ben, Katy, Hal and Cliff Perry's son Rhys. This is the first time any of them had ever spoken into a microphone so an experience for them to add to the week they'd already had. We've made it available to you entirely as an optional download as it is nearly 40 minutes long however it touches on a lot of areas we all need to think about:

How do we engage and put back into the community in Cloud or using Cloud ? How do we behave in a socially and moral way to promote inclusion and also to promote equality in the workplace and hiring regardless of gender ? How do we make sure the next generations of technical people who may be the founders and creators of new technology are given a good grounding. All of these affect all of us reading this. So if you want to listen to episode one, maybe also think about listening to part two and doing it with an open mind as we make it light hearted and fun as well as authoritative. At Red Hat we are all about being open, connecting with the world around us, digital inclusion for all and making the Cloud and the internet a better place that gives back.

These podcasts are an example of how we should all be doing it.


I want to thank the amazing staff at Knowle West Media Centre you are an utter inspiration and we will work together again very soon. That's a given.

Download Cliff and I talking shop and some YRS stuff - here in MP3 format, part two of the podcast you can grab here

Cliff PerryAs we head into the festive period this is the first of a series of podcasts going live. Cliff Perry is my guest today, we recorded this in Cardiff a few weeks ago and it's well worth a listen.

Consistency of platform and architecture in Cloud is critical and at Red Hat we have built a reputation around Red Hat Satellite and the sponsorship and mentoring of the upstream Spacewalk project. Cliff is the chief cat herder or project manager for both and is passionate about his chosen topic.

Coming Friday another podcast this time talking Red Hat Storage with Tom Llewelyn. Remember we are syndicated now on iTunes, Stitcher Internet Radio and Podfeed so you don't need to download, just subscribe using your client of choice.

Download the podcast here in MP3 format only