Atlanta, the players emerge from the tunnel

It's a big week in Atlanta. The OpenStack Developer Summit kicks off, I should be there but medical surgery to correct a prior surgery blip in 2012 sees me laid up in the UK for the next 5 days before being back on my feet.

Red Hat are there in force, if you're there take time to drop by to talk to our teams and see the demonstrations on everything from our Red Hat supported OpenStack offerings all the way through to RDO our community derived bleeding edge distro as well as our RHEV, oVirt and Storage offerings. The acquisition of Inktank is on everyone's radar last week and that is going to be top dead centre of many Ceph users so will generate footfall and questions.

Some great announcement in the Cloud software area and some further goodness will be announced over the coming days. The likes of John Mark Walker (you can't miss him he's wearing his traditional salmon pink sports jacket), Rhys Oxenham et al are in attendance. For once I get the first week off on leave since December to recover from surgery, be a dad and chill out instead of podcasting and booth duty.

Drop by the Red Hat stand at ODS if you are attending.