Coming later this week – new radio show

Coming later this week is a new radio show I am producing and co presenting. The show will be authored, presented and brought to life by a small group of the most technically gifted and capable folk that we have on the roll call here at Red Hat. John Mark Walker, Jon Benedict, Thomas Cameron, James Kirkland, Jon Masters, myself and a multitude of others will be talking about the latest and greatest stuff that we are working on, but also emerging tech.

The show will be broadcast on Apple iTunes, syndicated on Stitcher, Podfeed as well as on our RSS which I will publicise as soon as we go live.

Recorded entirely on Pulsecaster by Paul Frields of Red Hat's engineering team it's a major effort globally and represents a triumph of tech over adversity in so many ways !!

Check out the website at for information as it goes live and add the Twitter handle @hombresinhats to your bookmarks and feeds.