Podcast news

In just under ten days after two years of broadcasting, 54 hours of radio content and more than 70 guests I will be recording and releasing the last Cloud Evangelist podcast show for the immediate future as I move inside Red Hat to concentrate on a new direct marketing role aimed at the CIO level.

It's been a blast to use this as a proving ground and I'm grateful to the 833k+ downloads and streams (not including Stitcher which probably added another large chunk) who listened in and contributed to the direction of the podcasts.

The show will live on in a back catalogue archive I've been working on since pre Summit (in fact the sharp eyed with iTunes will have already found it since mid March with 25 being published the week of Summit) on Jellycast's high performance media servers. I have also archived Red Hat Summit Radio Shows from 2013 and will also archive this years show at The Moscone and where there is sufficient bandwidth to stream. I've migrated 60+ shows already I have another 60 to migrate from the servers here in the coming days. It's time consuming as I have to remix each show so bare with me.

The disappearance / ceasing of CloudEvangelist paves the way for something bigger.

Effective last week I am now the official podcast media bod for the Cloud Security Alliance, last week I met up again with Jim Reavis and discussed with him how we were going to work this. After the Dick Clarke and ENISA shows from Amsterdam hitting 43k listeners it was obvious that the work I've been doing pushing the CSA since 2008 has taken a twist. Talking to the DevOps and ITOps folk deploying and building hybrid cloud is essential and pushing home the model of supported certified cloud for intrinsic safety and common sense.

So in June you will see Cloud Evangelist retired as a show, allowing me to concentrate on Red Hat corporate tasks 9-5. You will then see me migrate to the bigger show format recorded in my own private time, pro bono with guests from across the world of cloud. It's important to add some of whom I could never have got on the show before because of vendor bias / neutrality.

The CSA Podcast will be a lot of work and a lot of fun and also shows how committed Red Hat are to security in Cloud in the wider community. Security being critical to decision making processes, steps and life cycle for Cloud. In a way Cloud Evangelist has paved the way to now have a wider audience and a larger download base given the CSA membership and rollcall and the unique nature of security.

As soon as the changes happen I will be making them public. For now bare with me while the final three shows go live and then the CSA release news of the radio show.

Soon as they do that I will provide context information here and on Twitter (@emeacloudguy).